Acro, Thai, & Tea

Acro, Thai, & Tea

from 40.00

When: Saturday October 21st  1-5pm

Where: Guan Yin Tea House 4706 N IH 35

Soften into your partner flow with Jeremy Robinson and Jenna Jasso. 

In this CREATIVE 4 hr workshop you will learn:

  • - how to synchronize and prepare for an optimal practice
  • - partner stretches and warm-ups
  • - how to calibrate and create a solid foundation
  • - intermediate L-basing
  • - standing counter-balances
  • - improvisational flow with control
  • - how to listen without words
  • - thai massage techniques

Tea will be served before and after.

A class that will benefit all levels! How? Because this class isn't about the advancement of poses, it's about the advancement of your creativity, strengthening your connection points, synchronizing with your partner, improving your improv skills, practicing deep listening and presence, and learning to flow together without words.

EARLY RATE til Oct 18
$35 for individual ($40 after Oct 18)
$60 for pair ($70 after Oct 18)

Prereqs: free bird, folded leaf, stradle bat, prasarita twist, throne, star, shoulder stand, sidestar.

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Meet the Teachers

Jeremy Robinson

Holistic Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Jenna Jasso

Yoga Teacher / Dancer