Peru Packing List

This list is a guide to help you be prepared. You may choose to pack more or less than what I’ve listed.

  • Sunblock (including sunhat or other forms of skin cover)

  • bug repellent (cinnamon and clove essential oils are natural repellant)

  • poncho or waterproof jacket*

  • wind proof, water proof/resistant pants*

  • Very warm thick coat (It get’s cold especially on islands of Lake)

  • light comfortable walking shoes

  • warm waterproof hiking boots/shoes*

  • Bathing suit

  • Headlamp / flashlight

  • Towel (small and compact)

  • Shower flipflops (if you prefer)

  • Safe pouch for cash & passport

  • Comfortable clothes. Minimal suggested: 2-3 pair of pants/jeans including wind proof/water resistant pants, long underwear/tights, 1 comfortable shorts, 3-4 pair of socks (some long and warm), 2 tank tops (light shirts), 2 warm shirts (long sleeve), 1 sweater* - It may get pretty cold on Lake Titicaca, so plan to wear layers.

  • Toiletries* - toothpaste, shampoo, soap, toothbrush (travel size 3oz)

  • Toilet paper* (it’s always best to bring your own) Public toilets will cost .30 or .50 soles.

  • Gloves, scarf, head cover/hat*

  • notebook/journal

  • basic first aid kit

  • day pack, backpack for hikes

  • water bottle or pouch

  • battery pack for charging phone

  • Cash, there are cambio/currency exchange booths everywhere in Cusco. The currency is 1USD = 3.2 Nuevo Soles.  Avoid exchanging much at the airport because commissions are higher. You can change your money once you get to the hotel in the historic center.

  • iPad (optional) there will be wifi at most places we stay. I will be bringing my laptop for documentation purposes, but don’t recommend.

  • Donations. Read more about donations below...

*  Items with a star are easy and cheap to buy or rent in Cusco or along the way.


What not to wear/pack.

  • Do not wear nice jewelry, basic simple stuff is ok.

  • Do not bring delicate or very valuable belongings

  • Avoid wearing tight fitting pants/leggings. The traditional wear for women is a long skirt, so form fitting or yoga pants can attract unsolicited attention or stares. Wear loose fit pants or bring long shirts/tunics to cover your bum. :)



For our trip to Lake Titicaca 3 nights (more cold than wet) you will bring:

  • 1/2 changes of clothes (under layers)

  • Multiple warm layers (jacket, scarf, gloves)

  • hiking or walking shoes

  • 2/3 underwear

For our trip to Machu Picchu 3 nights (much warmer and sunny) you will bring:

  • 2/3 change of clothes

  • light layers

  • water resistant clothes & hiking shoes

  • bathing suit

  • towel



The people of the Sacred Valley and Lake areas we are visiting do not have easy access to most things that we do. And what they do have access to is usually bad quality products. You will have renewed gratitude for the conditions and convenience in which we live in the US. If the spirit of giving and Thanksgiving I encourage you to come bearing gifts. We all have excess of most things, so let’s gift it to those in need. Gifts come in many forms.

Donation Ideas:

  • art supplies, school supplies, paper, notebook, pens, markers, watercolors.

  • scarf, gloves, jacket, hat, socks, watch, hair pins and hair ties, hiking boots or shoes

  • a toy or doll

  • warm smiles and loving interactions